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Papillon Farm
When we're not working in your garden, we are constantly renovating our own... Papillon is french for Butterfly and is reflective of our other shared passion in life... our beautiful rescue pack of Papillon dogs- Sasha, Sookie, Freya, Floki, & Harley the Chiweenie (honorary Papillon). 

Papillon Farm is located just outside of historic Monroe. It is 1.25 acres and features a 1933 farmhouse that we are gradually restoring in our "down time". We have a huge organic vegetable garden, a newly planted orchard, chicken coop with chicken yard (with eggs for sale). We also have a small nursery where we propagate and sell a selection of plants from our own gardens and also re-home plants from clients yards. Feel free to call and stop by. We love to share our gardens and have clients visit to get ideas.  Papillon Farm is open spring and summer by appointment. 

Horticultural Creed

1. I want them.
2. I want them all.
3. I want them all now.
4. If it will not grow in my zone or is prohibitively expensive, I want it most of all.
5. I am perfectly willing to forego any necessities of life such as food and Starbucks for it.
6. I recognize my horticultural dependency.
7. I recognize your horticultural dependency.

8. I will willingly aid and abet your dependency, as you will mine.
9. This makes us infinitely happy.
10. Any money saved by virtue of comparison shopping equals found money and therefore is not counted as spending.
11. If no one else has it, I must have it.
12. If everyone else has it, I must have it too.
13. If I have planted everything I've purchased, I must immediately buy more plants.